Demi Masa

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just some words perhaps?


With the name of Allah, I begin to write in this late night. Hoping for Allah bless in each breath that I breathe.

I don't get the mood of writing just yet. Just to fill my leisure while watching the television. Yeah, while the commercial break of course.

In this late night, this feeling blow suddenly on the surface of my heart. The feeling of missing. Indeed, I do miss somebody. I mean SOME, means that not only one person.

I really miss you guys! My fellow friends. My friends in PS as well as in CFS. When are we gonna meet again buddy? Really, really miss you!

Hurm, wanna know what I'm watching right now? It's an english movie called A Beautiful Mind. About a mathematician who is always get interrupted by his own illusion. How he survived? After all, he finally won a noble prize.

My sister told me that it is based on a true story. She had watched it with her lecturer. I don't really sure. Maybe she's telling the truth.

Okay, the movie has end. No more word to say. Maybe, the mood of writing will come so soon. Tomorrow, I believe will be such a busy day. Going out with Ummi and akak, of course with Ayah as well, to buy things and to prepare for akak's engagement. It's about two weeks from now.

When will be my turn? Hurm..hahA! Just kidding.

Till then, illal liqa'..

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