Demi Masa

Tuesday, May 28, 2013



Praise to Allah for each and everything. Peace be upon Rasulullah SAW. I pray that Allah bless us in each breath we breathe. Amin.

The final exam has started. And my first two papers was today. Well, I'm just get back from the examination hall, if you would ask. As I finished my paper at 5 pm just now, I was wandering around alone at the business centre. My purpose was to looking for a new calculator. Then after I got one, I fulfilled my appetite as I was craving for cakes.

Walking alone at the stalls-way, made me see lots of couples were studying together. As if we could assume they were studying. Then I wonder, do they really need to study together? I mean, with the opposite gender of course. Is that more effective? No, seriously I'm asking, not that I'm being sarcastic.

 "And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way."
[Al-Isra' 17:32]

In my humble opinion, I would prefer to study with the same gender. I would be more comfortable to ask them questions, even silly questions. And I won't be shy or feels uneasy to sit and mingle with them.

Well, it's my personal opinion. I'm not forcing anyone to accept it.

As I walked pass them, I rethink, what if someday he ask me to study together, will I refuse his request?

Yeah, I doubt it too.

Now, I realized, this is all because of our lust, our nafs. It make us feel eager to do mungkar and we will always find excuses to do deeds. Astagfirullahal'azim.

"Indeed, those who fear Allah - when an impulse touches them from Satan, they remember [Him] and at once they have insight."
[Al-A'raaf 7:201]

Dear my brothers, women are created for you to protect, not to make us far from Allah. We admit, we are easily say 'yes' to you, but that doesn't mean you should make us to. 

Please, help us to be close to Allah. Remind us of Allah's love if your love for us is indeed true.

I mean it.

It is a sad fact that we often lost to syaitan.

Astagfirullah. *crying