Demi Masa

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mars vs Venus 1.0


All praise to Allah for giving us chance to keep breathing. Peace be upon Rasulullah SAW. May Allah bless us, every second. Amin.

I was in CENSERVE office that Saturday when I suppose to be at the booth. Since too many people at the booth, I decided not to be there to fill the crowd. That will make me headache though.

I was discussing about ways improvising our club with Firdaus and Abang Yazid while suddenly Abang Hasan and Kak Muna wedding's topic came out. I said eventually, "Mesti Abang Hasan dah plan nak kawen dah lama kan? Baru kerja beberapa bulan mana cukup kumpul duit. Mesti dah kumpul duit dah lama."

Then I realized how men think about marriage when both Firdaus and Abang Yazid said, "Perempuan, mesti pikir pasal duit dulu."

I argued with them, of course money is important. Marriage needs lots of expenses. It's not just about being together, but also how to celebrate others who do pray for the bride and groom. I agree, we shouldn't spent too much on the wedding day, yet money still the issue in a marriage. Money spent for the dowry, feast and also money for future life ahead.

Hey, do you still saying that money isn't important?

InsyaAllah I won't burden my future husband with our marriage. I will also be patient as long as Allah allows me to do so to wait for 'the one' to be fully prepared mentally and physically. How can I become a good wife for him if even the first step I've pushed him?

I'll wait, insyaAllah.

Last night when I had dinner with Ummi and Ayah at R&R RTC Perak on our way back home, I said, "Look Ummi, Ala macam budak-budak makan tumpah sampai kotor tudung." Then Ayah replied, "Memang budak-budak pon, anak bongsu kan.."

I smiled. On my mind at that time, for sure Ayah will hardly let me go to marry a guy since he really loves me a lot. They still treat me like a small child of theirs.

InsyaAllah the time will come. When everything is just perfect to be put together.

* smile :)