Demi Masa

Saturday, June 18, 2011



I'm not strong enough as you might think I am.
My eyes do wet with tears.
My heart does fill with emotions.
I do sometimes, lose to problems.
I cried for my weakness.
I often wear the smile to hide my tears
so that you won't know
and worry not for me.
I let the tears drop when I'm alone
for no one would see other than Him
I told Him each and everything
I cried to Him
as I believe He's the only One I should ask for help

Oh Allah, guide my way through out this life. May the decision is the best. Amin.


Nurul Syahida binti Mohamad Rodi said...

especially we are women whom has a warm heart,
but we do have ALLAH, rite?
which HE will never let us down

have faith with Allah dear...

hamba ALLAH yg turut mncari & mengharap redhaNYA

Mujahidah Mardatillah said...

Allah never let us down.