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Friday, May 4, 2012

How would you like it to be different?

May Allah bless us in each breath. Peace be upon Rasulullah SAW.

Last parenting class, Dr Manzoor Malik asked us a question on "How your parents brought you up and how would you like it to be different for your future children?"

I'm not going to talk about my answer. But this is what attracted my attention that night.

"The way my parents brought me up was quite satisfying, but I will stress more on religious knowledge for my children if I got the chance to have one. I don't blame my parents for that since I know they were also growing up with the same situation. When my children are able to read, to speak, I will give them religious education straight away."

Despite, we did not look at him as someone who are lack with religious knowledge, but someone who are trying so hard improving himself and going to do the same for his future family.

"As for example, I only knew about Jumaah prayer when I was 13."

Listen to that statement, made me realized how best Allah's planning is. Even though that brother comes from the average family, he befriends with some other brothers who I considered have a good Islamic background. Allah gave him chance to study in IIUM, where he can improve his religious knowledge with the Islamic surrounding implemented in every aspect. 

"Dia pernah sekelas tilawah dengan aku waktu kat CFS dulu and dia kurang lancar baca Quran. Tapi, boleh nampaklah effort dia nak belajar Quran tu." My friend whispered to me while that brother still doing his talking.

"Lagi baguslah macam tu kan? Pahala dia lagi banyak."


I gave full attention on every word that brother said. He shouldn't be ashamed with himself. In fact, he should be grateful that Allah chose him to get His hidayah over everyone else.

Perasaan waktu tu, sangat seronok sebab seorang lagi pemuda Islam dilahirkan. Betapa hidayah itu milik Allah. Hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu kenapa Dia memilih orang itu dan itu. Dan juga kenapa jadi begitu dan begitu. Ilmu Allah di luar jangkauan kita.

He want to do something better for his family later, brings them to Jannah. InsyaAllah, there are many brothers out there who also have the characteristic of great husband-to-be. May Allah rewards them so. Amin.

Allahu'alam bissawab.

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