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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Begini ceritanya..

I just knew, when there are more than one post within 24 hours, something isn't right. Yeah, I mean me myself.
An evening spent at Enginius office, just to settle the report. It's not that writing the report took all my evening there. The truth, I'm stuck with many sort of things. The pictures of the event, the budget spent. Calling here and there. And right after maghrib azan, I submitted the report. Alhamdulillah.
Being an office girl for an hour or two, not forgetting thanks to Shazmeer for allowing me to use his laptop gave me the chance to read online newspaper. Yelah, nak bukak facebook, kat laptop orang, nak tulis blog, kat laptop orang jugak, nak bukak twitter, laptop orang jugak. Agaknya surat khabar dah tak punya cerita kot. Benda yang sama setiap artikel.

I'm proud to be Malaysian, no doubt, yet, to live in Malaysia with all those stories, lies, and such made my head ached. Rimas. People might say that I do not care of what happening in Malaysia. Plus, I do not even bother when my parents talk about politics. I chose to keep silent, just observe. 

"Ad deenu siasah"

It's an hadith, though. So, politics must be in line with religion as what Rasulullah did century ago. What I see, politics in Malaysia isn't like that. Some parties regard them better than others, while others are indeed wrong.

And yeah, I just keep silent but I'm not blind. It doesn't necessarily to talk bad about someone, just to tell others that you're good. 

Another stupid things I found on the news is that, you don't have any legal reasons that allow you to spread pornographic pictures to the public. Even if that thing is true, I believe a reporter should have ethics and should not go cross the human rights. We as readers have the right not to even see those pictures.

Patutlah, status fb abangme hari tu marah sungguh. Memang melampau sangat gambarnya.

Then, about Bersih. I just read without making any comments. I know that newspaper are biased. All medias are like that. Like Ummi said once, "Tak boleh nak tahu yang mana betul yang mana salah. Tunggu kat akhirat nantilah semua akan terjawab."

Betullah tu, mereka yang berimankan hari kiamat sahajalah yang takut untuk mendustakan kebenaran. Takut melakukan maksiat. Takut mencabuli hak insan lain. Takut untuk membuat salah. Jadi, yang tak takut tu tak beriman ke? Allahu'alam. Tepuk dada, tanya iman.

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