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Thursday, July 11, 2013



All praises to Allah for each and everything. Salawat and salam to Prophet Muhammad SAW. 
Ramadhan Kareem everyone!

Alhamdulillah we still got the chance to be in this Ramadhan and seek for His Rahmah wa Maghfirah. It is a month full of competition. Compete amongst us to get His blessing. Also  a jihad within ourselves against nafs.

Hey, this I told you I'm doing my internship now? Yeah, still have two months to go. Alhamdulillah, so far everything was perfect. I learned a lot. Subhanallah.

But the most valuable thing is the experience. 

I'm glad that Ramadhan is during my internship. So that I'll experience some phase change from not fasting, fasting and Hari Raya! It won't be somewhat boring period if I would be experiencing these multi-phases period.

Gosh, what am I babbling about? =_="

I stay in Putrajaya during this internship period. Last weekend I spent my days at UIA. Just miss my friends much, I guess. 

One of my friend asked while we were hanging out, "Syakirah, awak pakai purdah tak pergi kerja?"

He asked whether I still wear my niqab to work. I answered yes to that question and asked him back why did he asked.

"Didn't they say anything?"

"Huh? What should they say?"

I understand his curiosity actually. It is well known that wearing a niqab is not common in Malaysia except for inside UIA. I was hesitate too during my first day of intern whether to wear or not. But alhamdulillah Allah give me strength to keep wear it. 

I do feel like an alien sometimes when I go to mall with this niqab or just when I have a walk through the crowd. But what to be shy of? My face is hidden so no one would know me. 

When I went back to my hometown in Ipoh, ayah would say to me, "It's okay to take if off, you are in Ipoh now." I obey to what Ayah said as I wore this niqab all this while is not to cover up my face, it is more as a shield for me from doing something that is shameful towards Islam or towards myself. 

In office, some of them called me 'Ustazah'. Even though I am not very comfortable with that name I must take it as a motivation. My personalities, my attitude, my behavior must be align with my attire. Inside should reflect outside, so does vice versa.

I'm still in the phase of learning. There are so much lacking in me. I do sometimes make mistakes, yet please don't judge me but rather correct me.

After all, as a Muslim/Muslimah, we are the ambassador of Islam. We must act with reflect to Islam. Do not go beyond.

InsyaAllah, pray for me. And my pray onto you.


*Keep calm and smile.

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