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Friday, April 20, 2012

A Random Observation


With the name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful. May His blessing with us in each breath. Peace be upon Rasulullah SAW.

Nura and I were having a late dinner at HS cafe. There's nothing special to have meals there except the only cafe opens till late nights. As we're waiting for our order, we had some chit chat.

A random observation, random question:

"What do you think, if their parent knows they were like this?"

"Some parents allow them to having relationship. And might be that 'some' are theirs."

"I mean, if their parents know they are freely holding hands, staying up late boy and girl just chit chatting instead of studying at that particular time. And yeah, sharing the same fork and spoon, is that allowed in Islam?"

"Hmm, I don't know.."

I continued making random observation. Watching their actions makes me ponder, if now they had already done such thing which I considered to be special for my future husband, what is left special for their future spouse? 

Holding hands with a man, he shall be my husband after my dad's and my brothers'. 

Talking sweet to a guy, this is particularly to my husband. Not a single man deserved my nice treat except he got the title of 'my husband'.

If that how people define love, I would surely get away from it. But for me, love is something sacred. Allah grant us with love, for us to manage it with iman not with nafs.

Islam never denies our fitrah. Love can be channeled in halal way, which is through nikah. If people ask me, would I like to married early. Then, my answer is yes. Yet, that is the last thing that I will think of after so many things I need to consider first. My studies, my religious knowledge, life 101 and most important is my iman. Am I capable to increase my iman through nikah or it will just decreasing my iman. Na'uzubillahiminzalik.

Even if my parents told me that they have found a boy that suits me, his fikrah is okay and I found nothing wrong with him, I still need to consider from my side. Am I able to be a good wife for him? How can I complete his other half iman, whilst I'm still struggling hard improving mine?

Marriage is not solely about satisfying our sexual needs, it's more than what can we think of.

And insyaAllah, as long as I can guard my heart from falling for someone unknowingly, I chose to remain single as I believed that Allah never leaves me.

As for them, if you believed he/she is your other half, please, do make the next step. It is much sweeter if you're holding hands and Allah even rewards you for that. It's only can be achieved through nikah.

There were not just one couple I randomly observed that night, many of them. I just could make du'a Allah will ease their way to be in a halal relationship. Amin.

Not forgetting, pray for my strength to remain in my mujahadah. May Allah grant me 'the one' at correct time and correct situation. Amin.

For the time being, I will strive my best to be the best for him later.

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