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Friday, September 12, 2014



Just for the record, I am now a postgraduate student. Alhamdulillah. And today is my first class. Suppose, it was last Monday, but I mistakenly registered the courses late.

There was a very long commemorative lecture before RKGS 6000 course which is an Islamization subject called Values, Technology and Society. I entered the class after performing Asar prayer.

After introducing ourselves to Dr. Abdi, he then asked me "Why are you wearing the niqab?"

I did not answer right away. I was quiet surprised, I must say. Even though it has been years since my first time wearing it, I'm still not that confident to answer such question.

"Is it because you are too beautiful?" 

I kept smiling and I shook my head.

"Or you have something on your face?"

I shook my head spontaneously quick for that.

"Then, why?"

"I have my personal reason. Can I say that?"

"What's your reason."

I just gave him a smile. He then said, "I asked you seriously, why?"

I took a deep breath, collecting all the guts and chose the safest answer.

"I feel more comfortable when I'm wearing it."

"That's a very safe answer. Thank you, sister."


He was not being angry or rude. He was just concerned and wondered. Then he talked about how Arab women wore the niqab with the purpose of protecting themselves from the men's wild stares yet they emphasize on the eyes just to attract more eyes on them. Then what's the purpose?

I respect Dr Abdi's opinion and I shall say I couldn't disagree on that. He asked me again and again until I answered just to make sure that I was not taking niqab as an obligation.

It is a matter of furu' (branches) which means there's a lot khilaf and opinions. We must not say the ones who did not wear the niqab is wrong. Now, that is wrong.

While we're focussing on the furu', some times we have ignored the auliyyat (main). The priority always comes to what Allah has clearly said. For example, how important for us to take care of our relationship with others instead of arguing on nothing.

I learnt a lot today even though it was just an introductory class. Thanks so much, sir.

I must understand, there are some situations that I am not allowed to wear the niqab and I clearly known about it. It just that I need more strength to face the real world later, the more challenging and more cruel world.


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