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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ramadhan : Month of Ukhuwah


All praise to Allah for His Mercy and ni'mah. Alhamdulillah.

Did I wish all of you Eid Mubarak yet? Eid Mubarak everyone! Taqabalallah minna wa minkum. May this Syawal is a celebration for our success in Ramadhan.

I just want to post about things that made me miss Ramadhan. It has been a week we left Ramadhan yet my soul still live in that wonderful month. Either I got the degree of Taqwa from University of Ramadhan or not no one knows including me but I do hope so. And I'm not telling all the deeds I've done since it's between me and Allah. What I really going to tell you is how Ramadhan meant for me. InsyaAllah.

Alhamdulillah, last Ramadhan I got the opportunity to spent nearly the whole month in UIA. It was the best place to spent your Ramadhan compared to other place in Malaysia. To be frank, I'm not saying Malaysia is not good but the people and the culture made Ramadhan is just a month in Hijr calendar.

Months back, I finished reading 'Contengan Jalanan' written by Hlovate. Somehow, that novel affect me and my Ramadhan. I felt like I was having the same stories like Fend (a character in that novel) had. Except for he spent the Ramadhan in Australia while me in UIA. How Ramadhan changed him to better. And I hope how this Ramadhan could changed me too.

When Ramadhan has come to its end, Fend felt of not going home because he really enjoyed his Ramadhan there. Same goes to me. I was going to celebrate Eid in UIA if I was not thinking of my family and relatives going to scold me especially Ummi.

What made me so in love with spending Ramadhan in UIA?

The atmosphere.

Although this is my second time spending Ramadhan in UIA, this is the best. My last time, which is in my first semester of first year, I was not really in-to-it. Only did the terawikh and..that's it.

But this year, I tried to fill the most of it even though it was much less compared to others. There were students which just as same as me, that willingly to sacrifice their time to help the masjid 24-7. They slept in the masjid, they had their bath there, and made masjid as their second room. Subhanallah. Could you imagine how many rewards they got if every second they spent for Allah? Of course they also went to classes. 

If somebody asked me to define Ramadhan, I would say it is a month of ukhuwah. Eighteen days of Ramadhan full I spent in UIA, I got to know many sweet aand kind people. Kak Sakinah, my naqibah put my name as volunteer for ifthar from there I knew many akhawat and I really felt jealous with them because they really near to Allah. And me?

To list down of their names, it could be so many. And I was not only knew them, but I also got the chances to befriend with them. Not only that, Ramadhan had also made me became closer with whom I already knew before.

29 days of Ramadhan is not enough for me. I would asked the whole year is Ramadhan if it is possible. 

Alhamdulillah, since I joined usrah for about a year now, I got the opportunity to know where to find talks, tazkirahs, tadarus, halaqah and so many others. I would say, I didn't even have a minute to do useless things during ramadhan since it was fully filled with all those 'majlis ilmu'.


I would go to the masjid early to spent my time reading quran there or helping the volunteers preparing the ifthar. A friend asked me once, "Won't you go to balik kampung this weekend?"

And all these made me replied her like this, "I'm not sure. It's really a loss for leaving Ramadhan here for balik kampung."


"Because at kampung, you won't have the chance to seek rewards from Allah every second like we did here. Here, anytime you want to hear tazkirah you can just go to the masjid. InsyaAllah."


"Absolutely. InsyaAllah."

Another things I would really miss Ramadhan was doing iktikaf at the masjid. It's hard to find other masjid in Malaysia that allowed women to do iktikaf, and if there's one it was not as secured as SHAS mosque. One could sleep without thinking of any harm except if Allah fated so.

Just like Wardina quoted, "Iktikaf in UIA is the best. Feeling like in Madinah."

I've never went to Madinah, yet I've felt the atmosphere in UIA. And I'm sure it is not much different.

And this Ramadhan has changed me. InsyaAllah. I really hope this change will last forever and may it become the reason for me to go to Jannah. Amin.

I hope this is not my last Ramadhan, but if it so, may Allah accept all my prayer and forgive all my sins. Grant me the highest paradise so that I can be near to You. Amin.


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